Foodsharing Tartu

Foodsharing encourages people to share leftover food that would otherwise go to the trash. We save & share food!

Illustratsion from foodsharing point, where we share food


NB! Foodsharing Tartu is not a charity!

  • Foodsharing Tartu comes from the word Foodsharing.
  • Through Foodsharing, individuals, traders and producers can offer or collect food that would otherwise be thrown away.
  • Foodsharing rescues and distributes leftover food, fighting against food waste.
  • Foodsharing gives rescued food the opportunity to find its way to people who want it, instead of the food ending up in the trash.
  • Tartu Foodsharing aims to reduce the amount of food wasted and broaden the worldview of its fellow citizens.
  • What’s Foodsharing Tartu (FS)?

    Foodsharing Tartu is a movement that saves and distributes leftover food in Tartu, cooperating with individuals, retailers, companies and food producers.

  • The idea comes from Germany, which has a large network of foodsharing points that are organized and developed by thousands of volunteers. The development of such a network is only possible thanks to active people and laws against the generation of food waste. Foodsharing points are marked on a map and information is up on our website.

  • We help distribute leftover food;

    We create and maintain foodsharing points;

    We share information on social media and at schools;

    We are constantly looking for new partners

  • Foodsharing Tartu functions only thanks to the volunteers and people who donate resources necessary to keep it running smoothly and creating/maintaining foodsharing points..

foodsharing points




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  • All
  • Barlova
  • Genialistide
  • Aparaaditehase
  • Turuhoone
Barlova toidujagamispunkt

Barlova foodsharing point is located on the wall of Barlova pub, at the intersection of Tähe and Eha street.

Genialistide toidujagamispunkt

The Genialistide foodsharing point is located in the backyard of Genialistide Klubi, in the corner of the terrace and the ancient stone wall. The point is equipped with a refrigerator.

Aparaaditehase toidujagamispunkt

The Aparaaditehase foodsharing point is located next to the stairs of animal clinic Felivet. The point is equipped with a refrigerator.

Ajutine Toidujagamispunkt

Turuhone is located at the Vabaduse Puisetee 1 and is equipped with a refrigerator.

Meeste Koja Toidujagamispunkt
Meeste Koja

Meeste Koja punkt point is located on the outside of the Meestekoja building at Anne 46a. The point is equipped with a refrigerator.